Photogrammetry and Archaeological Practice

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Archaeology of the Mediterranean World

Phil Saperstein’s and Sarah Murray’s recent article in the Journal of Field Archaeology is remarkably useful for anyone considering using photogrammetry or structure from motion techniques to document an archaeological site. The authors argue that for the efficiency and precision of photogrammetric techniques to make a significant impact on archaeological documentation practices, archaeologists need to demonstrated greater rigor and transparency in the implementation of these techniques in the field.

Their article outlines key considerations for developing more rigorous field procedures for using photogrammetric techniques. For example, the article advocated for the use of coded targets to improve the efficiency of modeling and the accuracy of the resulting images. The authors provide a useful primer on focal length, aperture setting, and camera equipment which is useful to anyone using photography to document buildings, objects, or spaces. Anyone thinking about using photogrammetry in the field should consult this article. I know that…

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Palmyra’s Arch, Authenticity, and Digital Heritage Engagement

Among the many archaeological sites affected by on-going violence in Syria, the UNESCO world heritage site of Palmyra has been of particular interest to international media outlets since the site was seized by Islamic State (IS) militants in May of 2015. It became apparent that the cultural heritage at Palmyra was imperiled soon after IS forces … Continue reading Palmyra’s Arch, Authenticity, and Digital Heritage Engagement